Agenda of the event

26th - 27th May 2021 SEVILLE

Will digital currency become a reality in common use?

Regardless of the sector that you work in, the irruption of cryptocurrencies will change the global reality.

Their birth occurred outside the system, but they are already part of it. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and today the central bank digital currency (CBDC) is emerging and potentially beginning to transform the way corporations and individuals use money.

What policies are needed to take advantage of the opportunities they represent? 

How will they affect conventional means of payment? 

How will taxation be applied to this transformation?

These, among many other issues, will be the subject of analysis and debate by top international specialists and authorities from different governments at the "1st Digital Coin & European Financial System Seville Virtual Summit". on May 26 and 27, 2021 virtually and global reach.

Why you shouldn’t miss it?
  • To understand how financial reality will change.
  • To know how the regulating states will intervene.
  • What geopolitical changes cryptocurrencies will bring.
  • Understand what the new global opportunities will be.
  • Plan your investments and personal and business economy.

Thematic blocks

  • The regulatory drive for the digital euro in the Member States
  • Involvement in monetary policy and the banking system
  • Why a digital euro?
  • Digital currencies as investment assets
  • Cryptocurrencies in large transactions and capital movements
  • Digital currencies and new means of payment


  • The race for hegemony: China - USA - Europe
  • The role of cryptocurrencies in global finance
  • Blockchain: advantages and future opportunities 
  • The cloud and artificial intelligence in the new digital finances
  • The irruption of the big tech companies in the financial system


  • How can digital currencies gain investor confidence?
  • Cyberattacks, phishing and other threats to fight against


  • Regulation on four fronts: financial, tax, data protection and competition.
  • The regulatory framework for digital currencies in Europe and Spain
  • How to combat money laundering and tax fraud in the new scenario

+ 50 Speakers

 100% Online

+ 12 hours of content

2 Event Days

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José María Roldán, President, Spanish Banking Association.

Aldo Olcese, Commissioner Digital Coin & European Financial System Sevilla Virtual Summit. 

Alberto Martín, CEO, Devs on Trees.

 Rosa María Ruzafa, Director of Treasury and Finance, AGBAR.

José Manuel Fernández-Oliva, Partner Company Director, Common MS

Enrique Titos, Independent Director, Director of the Digital Money and Payment Systems Group, FIDE.

Lorena Mullor, Digital Banking Advisor, Spanish Banking Association.

Marceliano Gutiérrez Rodríguez, Honorary Chief Commissioner of the National Police, Spain.

Miguel Sebastian, Professor at the Complutense University of Madrid/ICAE and Minister of Industry, Tourism and Trade, Government of Spain (2008-2011).

Daniel Lacalle, Economist. 

Jesus Perez, Director, Crypto Plaza.

Fanny Solano, Director of Regulation, Retail and Markets, CaixaBank.

Juan Luis Encinas, General Manager, IberPay.

José Manuel Marqués, Head of the Financial Innovation Division, Banco de España.

Pablo Zalba, Director of Regulation, Deloitte.

Antonio Piña, President, Provincial Court of Ourense.

Rafael Catalá, Lawyer, President of the Spanish Center of Arbitration/Chamber of Spain/, Minister of Justice, Spanish Government (2014-2018).

Carlos San Basilio, Secretary General of the Treasury and International Financing, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Spanish Government.

Beatriz Ordovás, Contemporary Art Director, Christie´s Spain.

Marcela Carvajal, CEO, Crypto Plaza.

Miguel Muñoz, CEO, Crypto4Dummy.

Juan Antonio Rodríguez Álvarez de Sotomayor Head of Cybercrime Central Unit, Serious and Organised Crime Unit (UCO) - Criminal Police Directorate, Guardia Civil.

Juan María Nin, Board Member, Société Générale de Banque and Chairman, MoraBanc.

Yolanda Gomez, Deputy Director, ABC.

Maria Rotondo, Counselor, international working group on digital currencies.

Borja Ochoa, Managing Director-Global Head of Financial Services, Minsait- Indra Group.

Miguel Ángel Prieto, Director Solutions, Minsait Payments – Indra Group.

Santiago Tellado, Chief Inspector, National Police and Analyst, EUROPOL.

 Miguel Ángel Fernández Ordóñez, Former Governor, Bank of Spain (2006-2012).

Montse Guardia, General Manager, Alastria.

José María Anguiano, Partner, Garrigues.

Ángel Luis Quesada, CEO, Onyze.

Fernando Fernández Lázaro, Head of the Digital Forensics Laboratory, INTERPOL.

Enric Fernandez, Chief Economist, CaixaBank.

José Carlos Díez, Professor of Economy, University of Alcalá and Partner of LUAfund.

Carlos Arenillas, Economist and Former Vicepresident, National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

juan uretra 2

Juan Carlos Ureta, President, Renta 4 Bank.

Jorge Soriano, Ceo, Criptan.

Julio Faura, Founder & CEO, Adhara.

Victor Rodriguez, General Director of Strategic Policy and International Affairs, National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

Mariona Vicens, Innovation and Digital Transformation Director, CaixaBank.

Miguel Otero, Main Researcher, Real Instituto Elcano.

Emma Navarro, Independent Counselor, Iberdrola España, Vicepresident, European Investment Bank (EIB) (2017-2020), General Secretary for the Treasure and Financial Policy (2016-2017).

Nicolas Barilari, CEO Finaer and COO Criptokuantica.

Arnau Ramió, CPL DeFi, Criptokuantica y DeFi Manager, Tutellus.

Leif Ferreira, CEO and Founder, Bit2Me.

Marlene Álvarez Vicente, Head of Group attached to the Central Computer Security Brigade, National Police.

Paul Kendal, Lead Analyst & Digital Assets-Markets, Santander España.

Iñaki Garay, Deputy Director, Expansion.

Enric Tintoré, Economic Journalist.

Luis Álvarez Satorre, CEO, SIA Group.

Antonio Villarroya, Head of Macro Analysis and Strategy G10, Banco Santander.   

Álvaro de Salas, Director of Strategy and Innovation SS.FF., Minsait - Indra Group.

Marcel Haag, Director Horizontal Policies, Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union, European Commission.

Organizing Committee.

Commissioner: Aldo Olcese

Chairman of his own investment and corporate advisory company Fincorp Mediación; Senior Advisor of the Spanish Business Bank Alantra and Independent Director of Attijariwafa Bank, a leading bank in the Moroccan market and in French-speaking Africa.

He is also a Director and independent advisor on Governance and CSR to some of the largest companies and banks in the Ibex 35, as well as Chairman of the Advisory Board in Spain and Southern Europe of McGraw-Hill, a leading global publisher, and Vice President and founder of the World Public Diplomacy Organization (WPDO), the first international Think Tank in China.
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Independent members:

Miguel Sebastián GascónMinister of Industry, Tourism and Trade (2008-2011) and Director of the Economic Office of the President of the Government (2004-2006).

Juan Costa ClimentMinister of Science and Technology (2003-2004) and Secretary of State for Finance (1996-2000).

Rosa María Sánchez-Yebra AlonsoVice-Governor, Council of Europe Development Bank (2016-present) and Secretary General of the Treasury and Financial Policy (2014-2016).

Lourdes Centeno HuertaVice-Chairwoman of the CNMV (2012-2016).

Miguel Martín FernándezChairman of the AEB (2006-2014) and Deputy Governor of the Bank of Spain (1992-2000).

Marceliano Gutiérrez RodríguezHonorary Chief Commissioner of the National Police, Spain.

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